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Partners In Education (PIE) Program

River City science Academy (RCSA) Partners In Education (PIE) Program is an enterprising initiative that allows businesses and community organizations to support RCSA schools  in Jacksonville. The

partnerships are dynamic, innovative, mutually beneficial, and contribute significantly to educating students and preparing them to be successful in the global market place.

Becoming a Partner In Education is an opportunity for the academic and business community to unite in a way that enhances the learning environment for students. Resources offered by businesses and community

organizations (volunteers, funding, equipment, materials, scholarships, and assistance with special events) positively impact student achievement and enrich the lives of students.



RCSA is proud to take an active role in the Jacksonville community. The school partners with many local businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to support our students. The community supports RCSA in many ways, from donating money and supplies for school events to bringing speakers and learning opportunities to campus. A list of some of our partners can be found here.

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