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Parent Events

A strong connection between families and schools is essential for helping students succeed. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the student performs better. Parents are always welcome at RCSA and the schools provide many opportunities for parents to learn and get involved.


Information Nights- RCSA hosts many information nights for parents to learn more about topics that can sometimes be confusing. These include transitioning between schools, back to school procedure, the college process, testing and more. These nights are great opportunities for parents to learn how to support their children on their path to college at home.


Breakfasts and Dinners- Events are held before and after school so that parents with busy schedules can attend. Families are welcome to share a meal with RCSA staff and students to build community and learn about different topics or events.


Family Picnics- Welcome picnics are held at the school and for various clubs and activities. These picnics allow students and families to meet each other, have some fun and learn more about different organizations.


Community Events- Parents can get involved supporting RCSA Athletics by coming out to games and getting involved at different events. The school hosts major events including an International Festival and STEM and Health Expo.