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Reporter Staci Spanos visited RCSA


February 25, 2013, Staci Spanos, morning anchor for Channel 4, our local news station, visited River City Science Academy with a smile on her face, despite the rainy weather. It was great having her come and talk to some of our 6th graders as she related to them and made them laugh.

She spoke to them about the importance of being the best you that you can be as well as a few of her stories from working with the news business. She too, toured the school and visited a few of our classrooms including the science labs where she even had to sign a couple autographs.

Before she left, Rocketfuel got an interview with her where she was asked about the most challenging part of her job, which she thought might have to be waking up at 3a.m. for work; then, of course what she thought of our school along with a few words of motivation for our viewers. RCSA has once again been complemented as being a great school, so way to go! On behalf of River City Science Academy, we thank Staci Spanos for visiting our school and helping us add another piece to our growing timeline; we were so very pleased to welcome her to our school.