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The Honorable Cheryl Grymes visited RCSA


February 8th 2013 , River City Science Academy was able to welcome yet again, another wonderful visitor. Member of the school board, Cheryl Grymes brought not only herself, but her passion about public education and community to share. After speaking in front of select students, she also respectively awarded each of our Science Olympiad competitors with their certificate and then a trophy for their placing first at Regionals, as a team.

Rocket Fuel production was even able to get a quick interview with her before her tour of the school, where she answered questions about her perspective on school, the changes going on within the school board now, and enclosing, what she thought of our school.

When asked, "What are some changes going on within the school board now?", she replied by talking about the board's goal into advancing education by using more technology at school with things like tablets which would be more Eco-friendly and up to date. Then, after being asked about her thoughts on our school, she answered with complements on it's unique characteristics and as being comfortable environment for learning. Thank you to Cheryl Grymes for visiting our school and allowing us to make another little piece of history here at River City Science Academy.

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