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Robo Innovators

Our Robotics Team - Robo Innovators - attended FLL Robotics Competition last Friday with their coaches Mr. Yar and Mrs. Davis. There were 16 Teams competing in 4 different categories. The Robo Innovators impressed the judges with their advanced robot designing skills and programming knowledge to obtain the Highest score. The Robo Innovators won the top Trophy for Robot Design and Programming. They have worked really hard since school started to learn the programming skills to obtain this High Award. Congratulate the Robo Innovators when you see them today for all their hard work:  Lorelys Camacho, Latyana Peter, Kailie Wery, Akshat Thapliyal, Denny Kantarevic and  Caleb Hassan.

Great Job Guys - Your Coaches are very proud of you.