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RCSA Middle High School Summer Work 2016-2017

Now that summer is here, RCSA hopes to continue to engage our students in learning opportunities in preparation for the upcoming school year. The simple act of reading for 15-20 minutes per day over the break can have a huge effect on strengthening student learning during this time. Research suggests that students actually lose a lot of what they learn over the summer, and continued engagement is the key to combat these losses. For this reason, many of our courses at RCSA will have summer assignments that will be due upon return to school in August. These assignments are NOT optional; they will be factored into students' first quarter grades in their respective classes. You can see the links to these summer assignments with details for their completion below. Language Arts Summer Reading Assignments Math Summer Assignments
AP Course Summer Assignments (please note that if students do not complete the required summer assignments for AP courses, they will be removed from those courses)