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These middle school ladies enjoyed a busy weekend in Orlando as part of the College Mentorship Program.

Students visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum Friday night and explored the Orlando Science Museum and Downtown Disney Saturday. Of course, they also made time for study sessions in reading and math.

These trips offer students important time to form strong relationships with their mentors and each other as well as experience new places and activities.

The College Mentorship Program pairs students and teachers beginning in 6th grade to support students on their journey to college. Students and mentors meet regularly to discuss goals, academic progress and future plans.

The RCSA M/H Science Olympiad Teams attended the Florida Northern Regional Science Olympiad Tournament Saturday, Jan. 13 at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville.

Team-1 won first place overall in the tournament and Team-2 won the 2nd place overall. Both teams are qualified for the State Tournament which will be held on Saturday, March 24 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

RCSA students received 12 gold, 9 silver, and 6 bronze medals.

Congratulations to all students and coaches for a job well done. We can’t wait to see the great work you do at the state tournament.




The middle school Science Olympiad team journeyed to Orlando for the Seminole Science Invitational Tournament.

Five students took home first place medals. Seven students came in second place, and five in third place in various events.

The same day, the Math Olympiad team competed at Kernan Middle School. They finished 4th overall out of 15 total teams.

Two students took home first place medals, and one team placed third.

These victories show the hard work of all students and coaches in preparing for competition. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Science Olympiad Invitational Competition Results


Battery Buggy-Luke Farmer & Grace Ivo (Coach-Mr. Ivo)
Disease Detectives-Victer Qiu & Shashank Dontireddy
Experimental Design-Noora Idris & Zoi Kirkos & Ramila Odzakovic (Coach-Gwyneth Lin)
Herpetology-Iliass Ouassi (Ms. McClure)
Solar System-Noora Idris & Zoi Kirkos (Coach- Ted Treiber)


Crime Busters- Ramila Odzakovic & Aaron Maynard (Coach-Mrs. Marlow & Mr. Kanmaz)
Dynamic Planet-Mustafa Idris & Charles Schott (Coach-Mrs. Uysal)
Experimental Design-Zeynep Erdogan & Emily Marlow & Keira Eastham (Coach- Gwyneth Lin)
Fast Facts-Zeynep Erdogan & Amelia Amarrador (Coach-Mr. Altintas)
Microbe Mission-Noora Idris & Ramila Odzakovic (Coach-Mr. Little)
Rocks and Minerals-Ian Barnes & Ethan Linton (Coach-Ms. Uysal)
Roller Coaster-Christian Brett & Ethan Linton (Coach-Mr. Bektas)


Meteorology- Victer Qiu & Mustafa Idris (Coach-Mr. Cakal)
Potions and Poisons-Emily Marlow & Keira Eastham (Coach-Mr. Altintas)
Rocks and Minerals- Zeynep Erdogan & Myanh Huynh (Coach-Mrs. Uysal)
Thermodynamics-Luke Farmer & Victer Qiu (Coach-Dr. Leon)
Write It Do It- Ramila Odzakovic & Maya Williams (Coach-Mr. Eastham)

Students and staff celebrated a happy Homecoming week at RCSA High last week.

Dress down tickets allowed creative students to dress in pajamas and as their favorite meme and old person during the week.

Students battled between the grades Friday at a pep rally for the basketball teams. Representatives from each class participated in different fun events, like a wheelbarrow race, free throw shoot and balloon run while their classmates cheered them on.

Students enjoyed performances by two talented dance groups and celebrated the boys’ basketball team before their big game Friday night.

Saturday was the annual Homecoming Dance where students enjoyed dressing up with friends for the night. Thanks to teachers and staff for making this week a memorable one for students.