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Sweet N Cheesy Popcorn

Dear RCSA Parents and Guardians,

On Monday student were given a fundraising packet for Sweet and Cheesy Popcorn. This is our first school wide fundraiser in several years and I am hoping it will be a big success. Proceeds will be used to help pay for new laptops and charging carts for student use. Students are to complete the order blank and accept payment at the time the order is written. Packets are due on Friday March 14 and orders will be filled and ready after spring break. Please see detailed instructions for students below. If you have any questions feel free to e mail me at my e mail below. Thanks!


Sweet N Cheesy Popcorn Fundraiser Instructions

  • Each student to receive an envelope and order form on Monday during 7th period
  • Instruct each student to accept orders and complete all information on the form
  • Money to be collected at the time the order is written and kept in the envelope provided
  • Once the order form is full turn in the form and money to HOMEROOM teacher
  • Homeroom teachers send in completed order forms and money to Ms Angie
  • Checks should be made payable to RCSA PTO
  • All orders must be turned in by March 14 and popcorn will be delivered after spring break
  • Teachers please keep an accounting of what each student has sold and an accounting of the orders and money turned in


Incentive for students

  • The student who sells the most in each grade will receive and special luncheon