Character Education

Why Character Education is Important

Implementing a strong character education program is an important part of K – 12 education. Research shows compelling reasons why character education must be part of children's instructional program. The Partnerships in Character Education State Pilot Projects conducted a research and development project from 1995-2001 that indicated that school attendance went up while school suspensions decreased when character education was integrated with existing school and district programs and curriculum.

Character became a visible part of the school's organizational values and climate. Parents, staff, and students felt their schools were safer places, and their attitudes about school improved.


What We Do at RCSA

At RCSA, we make sure that every student beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through 12th grade, receives character education and participates in service-learning opportunities. Every month, students’ study and learn about the character trait of the month. Students that exemplify these traits are rewarded and celebrated. Our students not only learn about character traits, but also have the opportunity to put them into practice during many events and philanthropy projects. Every RCSA school is currently an Emerging State School of Character designated by

2020 – 2021 Character Traits of the Month

August – Responsibility & Respect

September – Empathy

October – Courage & Teamwork

November – Gratitude

December – Generosity

January – Perseverance & Leadership

February – Kindness

March – Citizenship

April – Honesty

May – Self-Esteem

If you would like to learn more about our character education plan or would like to be involved in a service-learning project, please reach out to Mr. Sel at

Quiz Yourself

Visit this link to take a quiz and test your knowledge of strong character:


State School of Character Information by

Department of Education State Pilot Projects, 1995–2001

Importance of Character Education


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