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School Feedback is an online communication tool that facilitates an ongoing dialogue between the RCSA Executive team, employees, parents, students and community members. Here you can start a conversation by sharing your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions and compliments.

In order to better assist you, any campus-related questions or concerns should first be directed to the campus principal. You may contact your child's principal by visiting the school's website or call 904 855 8010 and pick the extension for your school.

You have the option to submit your message anonymously or with your contact information. If you provide your contact information, you can expect a reply within two (2) business days during the school year, and FIVE (5) business days from June to mid-August. While we are unable to reply to anonymous messages; please know we will do our best to take action and resolve your concerns. Each submission is sent to the corresponding school, department and/or district staff members. It is not intended to replace face-to-face meetings.

School Feedback should not be used for emergency situations. If this is a campus emergency, please contact the campus directly. If it's an emergency affecting the whole system, please call 904 855 8010.


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