College Mentorship Program (CMP)

The CMP program is designed to prepare our selected students for colleges at every level. These schools are not only checking academics but athletics, leadership skills, as well as social skills. Therefore, we have devised this program (CMP), to help our students explore their skills and develop them.

The CMP program is a full school year long program. It covers academics, extra-curricular activities, character education, and social skills. Depending on the grade level, some of these areas will be more emphasized than others. The program requires students meet a certain set of criteria once accepted to remain in the program such as attending weekly meetings with the mentor, keeping GPA and grades as high as possible, being on their best behavior (not involved in any discipline issues), and a teacher recommendation. Since this is a vigorous program with multiple activities, it requires full parental consent and support.

Each student in this program will be assigned a mentor with three or four other students. Students and mentors will study and participate in programs together such as: weekly progress monitoring meetings, reading/math/leadership cabin camps, personal development/leadership programs, volunteer community service programs, college visits, home-visits, family picnics, family dinners, weekend studies/activities, field trips, etc.


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